Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Studio Two Staircase

One of the distinguishing features of Studio Two is the staircase. It's on your right as you walk into the studio and it leads up to the control room. All sorts of magic happened up here; It was up in the control room that Paul, listening back to his work so far on 'Mother Nature's Son', was absent mindedly strumming a pencil on a notepad at the mixing desk. Apparently all of a sudden he became aware of his strumming and decided it would be perfect as backing percussion to the track. I always assumed that he was just tapping on the body of his acoustic.

The control room sits directly above the entrance to Studio Two. Here it is as it stands today:

Quite a few photos were taken of The Beatles with the staircase in the background. Here are a few:

There's a big window in the control room that looks out over the studio. Here's a shot of John looking pretty vacantly through the window in 1967 (oh look - there's another one of those red Abbey Road chairs to John's left):

And here's that same window today. You can see the same metal brackety-type thing going diagonally across the top right-hand corner of the window in both pics:

Here's the view from the top of the stairs:

And here are some photos of The Beatles taken from various positions on the stairs:

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