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Friday, 20 January 2012

Magic Alex's Statement

Here's a statement made by Alexis 'Magic Alex' Mardas during his litigation vs the New York Times. Magic Al gives his version of the time he spent with the Beatles and all of the stories of his fantastical claims of being able to make impossible gadgets for them. Look out for him naming 'Imagine' as one of the Beatles' greatest songs: Magic Alex's Statement


  1. Very interesting to read this man's point of view. Quite convincing too: up until he says 'Imagine' was one of the Beatles most famous songs. He's done well with all those damages payouts. I think I'll go with Harrison's opinion, and bear in mind how much acid they were on.

  2. Hi db,
    I know, the 'Imagine' bit was a bit of a howler wasn't it? I still haven't made my mind up about the Magic Alex thing yet. The claims about what he promised the Fabs make great stories, but surely nobody would be daft enough to think they could make anybody believe that they could build an artificial sun/speaker wallpaper/Ferrari-engined UFO/insert any other crazy plan here? Then again, these were very psychedelic times and what with John calling Alex his 'Guru'. he could have got carried away with the influence he thought he had over the group. What was Harrison's opinion and where can I find it? I'm always interested in finding more out about this little thread of the Beatles story.